Employment Insurance Online Reporting and Filing

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The Employment Insurance Online Reporting service lets you file for insurance benefits the Service Canada Centre website. This has become the best way to file since you can do it from the comfort of your own home. If you do not have a home computer then you can use any computer or simple visit a Service Canada Centre micro station or the main hub in your province. We will go over a few things to know and tips to make the process easier and with less headaches and hold ups. The individual applying for employment insurance will need to enter their personal Social Insurance Number (SIN) as well as their Access Code and Province of residence. The Canadian employment insurance declares that by providing and submitting your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Access Code (once received by mail) means you have deemed to have signed your on-line report. A full list of step by step instructions on how to file your reports will be included in the package. It is important to hold on to all your paper work and store them with other important documents. Keep all Access Codes safe and secured separately from your Social Insurance Number (SIN). Shortly after the beneficiary files his or her application for benefits, they will then receive an employment insurance online reporting benefit statement by mail which will indicate when the date the person’s first report is due as well as their private access code.


Employment Insurance Online Reporting Process


We see that with online capabilities you no longer have to fret about personally having to go in and file for employment insurance and can simply do it from the comfort of your home. When filling out the numbers during the employment insurance online reporting process is sure to round your numbers up. Once you are asked about earnings and you made 140.49 dollars then it would simply be 140 that you fill in. If you made 140.50 dollars then you will simply put 141 in the blank. The same goes for hours. If you worked a total of 570 hours and 29 minutes then you would enter 570 hours, if you worked a total of 570 hours and 30 minutes then you would round it up to 571 hours of labor.


Tips on Employment Insurance Online Reporting


Do not leave a computer unattended while logged on to the on-line report. It is important to clear your browser’s cache after each session. Each time you access the Internet, your browser will automatically save copies of visited web pages. When you have finished your report, end your session by clicking on Log Out. Make sure that you have all your information on-hand and ready to enter before you begin your report. Missing or incomplete information will prevent your report from being accepted for processing. If you are disconnected or exits any part of the report process before completing it, that individuals information will not be saved and therefore they will have to start over. If you stay on one page for longer than a ten minutes time than you have your session disconnected. If you would like to learn more helpful tips about employment insurance online reporting then click on our other articles or affiliates for more help.


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