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Before we embark on explaining what employment insurance report online at service Canada is, we need to understand the basis of internet reporting service.  If you find it hard to use the telephone with touch-tone service, you can choose to use internet reporting service to submit your report. This is what employment insurance report online actually means. Generally, if you choose to use the internet to complete your report, your payments are forwarded directly to your bank account under direct deposit. At service Canada, employment insurance report online procedures are available throughout Canada. These reporting services can be accessed on a daily basis for twenty four hours. For weekend reporting however, you are supposed to submit your report on the morning of Friday since if you fail to submit your reports Friday morning; they won’t be processed until that Sunday afternoon. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you completed and submitted your report on Friday, Saturday or even Sunday before 3.00PM, all reports will be processed at this time. It is therefore important to understand this to avoid any related inconveniences. If your report was submitted between Monday and Thursday, you should know that your payment will be deposited to your account within two business days. This is done after your report has been processed.

Receiving Employment insurance report online

Unless the report is processed, you may be forced to make a follow up on reasons why the report wasn’t processed between those mentioned processing times. There are usually less or no processing delays if your application had no flaws. So what exactly are the advantages of using the online service to submit your employment insurance reports? For one, when one when you here of internet reporting, think of direct deposit meaning that; the efficiency is not only quick but easy. The advantages include, employment insurance payments are processed faster, if you do not have a telephone with touch tone service, you can still access your payments, there are no delays and mailing costs in addition to a fast, easy secure means. We have already looked at employment insurance report online benefits, so how does it work? Once you are done filing the employment insurance complaint application, you will receive the procedure by mail.

Updates to Employment insurance report online

Usually, your access code which can be combined with social insurance number becomes your electronic signature and thus making you liable for any information provided under that signature combination. This is followed by a series of questions regarding your employment, why you need the application and how you lost the job if need be. There will always be updates to show you that your report is due as well as spotting areas that need amending. It is important that once you receive a report due request from the service you embark on applying for these payment requests. This is because if you delay in submitting the report for a period exceeding three weeks after you received your first due report request, it may amount to the loss of your benefits. Whichever the case, promptness is a factor to concentrate on in this endeavor..


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