Understanding Employment Insurance Codes

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Some people do not know the risk they could be exposing themselves to when they fail to take care of their employment insurance codes. There are two main codes:

It is critical handle these codes as if your entire life depends on it. This is mainly because if you allow another person to gain access to your account, he/she can potentially do anything to your account. You may trust your friend or sibling with something else but not with your employment insurance codes. Even those people you have trusted your entire life can change into monsters. Therefore if you are planning to continue having a healthy relationship with your loved one, it will be wise to keep them away from your employment account.

Differences in Employment Insurance Codes

These codes are very important as they will not only allow you access but they are also supposed to be used to identify you. Probably it could be easier to identify you physically over the counter if you have been a loyal client with your employment insurance firm for a long time and there are specific people who attend to you. However, when you choose to use the telephone reporting services or the internet reporting service, it could be very hard to prevent cases of impersonation and disguise. In spite of the employment insurance firm’s effort to ensure that all transactions are secure on telephone and internet, it may be a challenge to prevent fraud that arises from your inability to maintain confidentiality of your account and EI access code and social insurance number.

Employment Insurance Codes Described

You need to ensure that no other person gains access to your account or your employment insurance codes. A person who has ill-motives can easily use your EI codes to file insurance claim without your knowledge. Remember that you will be held culpable for fraud that is attributable to your carelessness and you will not get any compensation. Whenever you are using a computer and you are working on the employment insurance web site, you need to be super careful so that no other person sees what you are doing. If you must leave your computer, ensure that the web page is well logged out. Did you know that your cache history can also give you away? If you did not know, there are people who might never have seen within the four walls of a computer class but they are geniuses when it comes to opportunities that seem ‘lucrative’. All they will simply do is to get back to your computer and head straight to the cache history. If the cache history was not cleared, they could use it to access your account and all that their whims direct them. In order to step up the security of your employment insurance codes, ensure that your access code and social insurance number (SIN) are stored separately. If you must write them down, they ought to be they are recorded in such a way that no other person can decipher them..


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